Raw milk raclette cheese with Grand-St-Bernard herbs


This semi-hard cheese is made from raw cow’s milk and contains 50% fat. It has been matured for at least 3 months.

CHF 70.00CHF 140.00

This cheese is the result of a collaboration between Fromagerie Moléson SA, Laiterie d’Orsières and Distillerie Morand SA with its Grand-St-Bernard spices. Raclette lait cru aux herbes aromatiques Grand-St-Bernard has a smooth, supple and fine texture. Its taste is milky and fresh, enhanced by the aromatic Grand-St-Bernard herbs and their vegetal, fruity flavour. Raclette raw milk with aromatic Grand-St-Bernard herbs will delight the taste buds of all lovers of exceptional raclette!

For every kg. of cheese sold, the Orsières dairy donates 0.50 ct. to the Barry Foundation.

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Pièce, Demi-pièce, Quart de pièce, Huitième de pièce