Gastronomy and local products

The Pays du St-Bernard, a land of tradition.

The Pays du St-Bernard is a region particularly rich in local products thanks to an important agricultural activity and a generous nature!

Our cheeses with good milk from the Swiss Alps

The herds of cows, sheep and goats provide numerous dairy products, starting with cheese, one of the key elements of the Pays du St-Bernard region. Cheese can naturally be eaten raw but also cooked in the form of raclette, a Valaisan dish par excellence which brings together families and friends for a convivial moment of sharing.


The cheese of the dairy of Liddes called “Bagnes 4” is particularly tasty and has obtained various prizes. It can be bought at any time thanks to the automatic cheese machine in front of the dairy.

As for the cheese from Orsières, it also makes the inhabitants and our guests happy and is sold directly at the new dairy on the Grand-St-Bernard road. Take the opportunity to stop by for a visit of the facilities, a tasting and to take away with you some delicious souvenirs such as the new Raclette raw milk with herbs “Grand-St-Bernard”, the tomme from the bell tower or the Via Francigena, the old cheese from Orsières or the serac.

A lot of mountain pastures with various flavors

Apart from the dairies, many mountain pastures produce delicious cheeses, especially for raclette, but also serac, tommes, and so on: la Peule, les Ars, Mont-Percé, La Léchère, Plan-La-Chaux, Fournoutze, Arpalles, Bavon, le Coeur, Champlong and Lettaz.

Take advantage of the refreshment stands in the alpine pastures of La Peule and Ars to taste these succulent products directly on site!

The Grand Entremont basket

Savour the diversity and richness of the Grand Entremont agriculture, the commitment of its producers and the passion of its craftsmen in the Grand Entremont basket which brings together the best of our mountains! A condensed version of the flavours and tastes of the Grand Entremont region to offer as a 100% local gift.

You can order the basket at the dairies in Liddes, Orsières and at BTB in Orsières.

This innovative and practical basket is made of cardboard and does not require any plastic. It is available in two sizes and its contents vary according to your budget, the products you choose and their availability.

The basket is available in a closed model that can be sent directly by post. The taste of the peaks travels directly to your most gourmet friends!

The Grand Entremont bread

5 bakeries in the Entremont region, including those in Champex-Lac (La Gentiana) and Orsières (Chez Jorge F.) have joined forces to create a new bread 100% made from local cereals.

A project that brings together our craftsmen, our artisans, our farmers to offer you the best of our land.

A sourdough bread with a fine golden crust and a crumb that makes a nice spread! Made from sourdough made from local wheat, the Pain du Grand Entremont has an optimal shelf life.

Aromatic and medicinal herbs

Nowadays, traditional agriculture is no longer sufficient to provide for everyone and farmers have diversified in various ways, for example by producing medicinal and aromatic herbs such as alchemilla, sage, elderflower, lemon balm, thyme or edelweiss.

These herbs are harvested and dried in Sembrancher at Valplantes. They are then particularly highlighted in Ricola sweets but also in the aromatic herbs from the Great Saint Bernard which accompany many of the region’s dishes or the famous Alpine tea – Bio Alp Tea.

Hérens cows and Valais lambs

Meat from the flocks of the Pays du St-Bernard is tasty. For fresh meat, the “Fleur d’Hérens” label guarantees the local origin of the meat, while lamb from our mountain flocks is particularly appreciated and tender.

These meats are also the source of various cured meats to be enjoyed without moderation: bacon, ham, dried meat and various sausages are the pride of the Swiss Valais breeders.

You can find them at the Boucherie du St-Bernard and the boucherie BTB in Orsières.

Honey, berries and alpine mushrooms

Thanks to the constant maintenance of the meadows by these same farmers, the flora of the Great St. Bernard mountains is particularly rich and diverse. It is the delight of the beekeepers and their bees who produce a smooth honey with a sweet alpine flavour!
The generous nature of the valleys and forests of the Swiss Valais also provides day hikers or seasoned specialists with a rich and varied selection of wild berries (blueberries, wild strawberries, etc.) and mushrooms (boletus, chanterelles, morels, etc.)

The hunt

Autumn flavours from the Valais

From mid-September onwards, people like to get together to enjoy good hunting food. Game accompanied by chestnuts, wild mushrooms and bilberry jam, not forgetting the famous spätzlis, a kind of fresh egg pasta well known in the Valais: discover the autumnal flavours of the land of the Pays du St-Bernard.

From starter to dessert: autumn on the plate

When the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, it’s good to share a hunting meal in the Pays du St-Bernard. It starts with the first course with comforting soups with seasonal vegetables (pumpkin, butternut squash, boletus, ceps) or hare and venison terrines.

In fact, game has pride of place in hunting dishes. Venison, chamois or wild boar: these red meats with their characteristic aroma have the power to take you back to childhood. To add a sweet note, the hunting dishes give pride of place to seasonal fruits. Baked apples, pears poached in red wine and other specialities with cranberry jam: these delicacies are the perfect accompaniment to hunting meals.

Spätzlis, the must-have speciality of a real hunting meal

A real hunting meal in the Valais is inevitably accompanied by spätzlis (preferably homemade). These are egg and flour based pastas, similar to gnocchi but without potatoes. You can also enjoy your game with red or Brussels sprouts, caramelised chestnuts or pears saffroned with honey. The morel sauce will bring a woody note, for an authentic autumn dish. Bon appétit to the Pays du St-Bernard!

The trout of Champex-Lac

Our Alpine rivers and lakes also contribute to the reputation of our region as fish are regularly introduced into them.

The lake of Champex, for example, provides famous trout which can be tasted on the lakeside terraces.

PDR Grand Entremont

The regional development projects (PDR), partly financed by the Confederation and the Canton of Valais, aim to enhance local agriculture in terms of production structures and marketing.

Creating added value in agriculture, strengthening inter-professional cooperation (agriculture, crafts, tourism, etc.) and achieving objectives of public interest (ecological, social or cultural aspects): these are the objectives pursued by the various PDR.

The PDR Grand Entremont includes 14 projects valued at CHF 21 million. In May 2019, it was able to inaugurate a brand new herb drying facility in Sembrancher. Today, it continues to expand with the construction of two dairies in Orsières and Etiez, as well as the renovation of the one in Liddes. In the field of beekeeping, the construction of a honey extraction centre, probably near Sembrancher, as well as a mobile school apiary is taking shape.

The planned cutting room for the meat industry is at the heart of the discussions. As farmers in the region have expressed interest in a new slaughterhouse, the project may undergo some changes.

Finally, the label “Grand Entremont – Le Goûts des Cimes” is in full development. Its rules of use have been validated by the general assembly of APAGE, the association responsible for the overall management of the Greater Entremont Regional Development Project.

Slow food

Slow Food is a worldwide movement that aims to promote local food cultures and traditions, and to raise public awareness about food and taste. The Pays du St-Bernard is a member of this movement!

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