Winter prices and schedules

PASS Saint-Bernard

The PASS Saint-Bernard offers you a multitude of activities in the region – including unlimited access to the ski areas at unbeatable rates starting at CHF 69 per year!

Daily rate

Apart from the PASS Saint-Bernard, you still have the possibility to buy your daily pass.

Ski lift La Lorette (Bourg-Saint-Pierre)

Adult from 16Child
1 dayCHF 15.-CHF 9.-
1/2 day from 12.30CHF 11.-CHF 7.-

Ski lifts for beginners (La Fouly and Le Revers)

(Petite Combe in La Fouly and Le Revers and Petite Breya in Champex-Lac)

1 rideCHF 4.-
5 ridesCHF 15-
10 ridesCHF 28.-
1 day from 9.30amCHF 29.-CHF 24.-CHF 19.-
1 day from 11.30amCHF 27.-CHF 22.-CHF 18.-
1 day from 1.00pmCHF 25.-CHF 20.-CHF 17.-
2 daysCHF 56.-CHF 45.-CHF 37.-
3 daysCHF 84.-CHF 68.-CHF 55.-
4 daysCHF 112.-CHF 90.-CHF 73.-
5 daysCHF 140.-CHF 112.-CHF 91.-
6 daysCHF 168.-CHF 135.-CHF 110.-
Night opening*CHF 6.-CHF 6.-CHF 6.-
Night opening* seasonCHF 50.-CHF 50.-CHF 50.-

*Night opening:
In La Fouly, Wednesday and Saturday during the whole season as well as Monday and Friday during the school vacations.
In Champex, Saturdays during the whole season as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school vacations.
(Night skiing from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on blue runs served by ski lifts. Skiing and sledding activities are possible)
These evenings are included in our annual subscription, the PASS St-Bernard.

Ski St-Bernard (La Fouly, Champex-Lac and Vichères-Liddes)

La Fouly – pedestrian one wayCHF 8.-CHF 7.-CHF 6.-
La Fouly – pedestrian round tripCHF 10.-CHF 9.-CHF 8.-
Champex-Lac – pedestrian one wayCHF 14.-CHF 11.-CHF 9.-
Champex-Lac – pedestrian round tripCHF 19.-CHF 15.-CHF 12.-
Vichères-Liddes – pedestrian one wayCHF 11.-CHF 9.-CHJF 7.-
1 day from 9.30amCHF 43.-CHF 34.-CHF 28.-
1 day from 11.30amCHF 40.-CHF 32.-CHF 26.-
1 day from 1.00pmCHF 37.-CHF30 .-CHF 24.-
2 daysCHF 84.-CHF 67.-CHF 55.-
3 daysCHF 126.-CHF 101.-CHF 82.-
4 daysCHF 168.-CHF 134.-CHF 109.-
5 daysCHF 210.-CHF 168.-CHF 137.-

Categories explanation

100% : Adult (1960-2003)
80% : Young (2004-2008) and Senior I (1947-1959)
65% : Child (2009-2017)
Gratuit : Kids (2018/+) and Senior II (1946/-)

15% discount only on Ski St-Bernard : from 3 charged persons with an adult (100%).

15% discount from 15 persons.

Opening times in la fouly and champex-lac

Opening time La Fouly and Champex-Lac

Daily from 9.30am to 4.30pm from mid December to the beginn of April

Opening time Vichères-Liddes

Daily from 9am to 4.30pm from mid December to the end of March

Opening time La Lorette

The ski lift is open Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and school vacations from 10am to 4:15pm and Wednesdays from 12:30pm to 4:15pm.

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