Traditional ovens

Pays du St-Bernard

In those days, every village had its own bread oven. Rye and wheat grew in abundance, providing the raw materials needed to make bread.

The communal oven was available to villagers to prepare and bake this staple food. Families would work together for several days at a time. A batch of bread would meet a family’s needs for several months. The bread was carefully stored and kept in the attics.

Some bread ovens have been preserved, maintained and restored. Many of them are still in use several times a year, as in Les Arlaches and Commeire (video below), Prassurny, Chez-Les-Reuses, Somlaproz, Verlonnaz, Reppaz, La Rosière, Chandonne and Liddes.

Among all the varieties of bread currently on offer, this artisan bread offers an incomparable flavour.


At Les Arlaches in 1976

At Commeire in 2023

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