Tête de Ferret


A technically relatively easy summit tour at the far end of the Ferret valley with a beautiful view of the Grad Combin group in Switzerland.

While the route via the Grand Col Ferret, which is used for the descent on this tour, is extremely popular and frequented by very large, international hiking groups, the Petit Col Ferret is quite lonely, which is probably mainly due to its steep ascent.

There are also very few hikers on the summit of the Tête de Ferret, so you can enjoy the marvellous view from there in peace and quiet.

On the way back, it’s best to mentally keep up with the ibex, which settle down quietly right next to the wide path, even if the caravan of hikers is passing by.


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From the last car park, continue to the no-entry zone and then into the valley on a gravel path slightly uphill, past a hairpin bend that can be shortened, until you reach a bend to the right. Here a yellow-marked path branches off to the left, which leads behind a glacier moraine a little way into a valley and then turns sharply to the right to lead extremely steeply and almost in the fall line up to the Petit Col Ferret (danger of falling rocks!)

At the Petit Col Ferret, turn right and cross a summit called Chantonnet on a path, cross a saddle behind it and then climb relatively gently to the summit of the Tête de Ferret.

From the summit of the Tête de Ferret, follow a yellow-marked path that descends steeply to the south to the Grand Col Ferret, where you meet a wide hiking trail that descends to the right to the Rifugio Elena and back to the road in Val Ferret.

Getting there

On the Courmayeur bypass road (blue signs), take an exit on the right above the village immediately after an avalanche gallery and follow the route to the district of La Palud, where the access road to Val Ferret branches off to the right in a narrow bend. Follow the narrow valley road in Val Ferret until approx. 1 km before the end of the road, where there is a car park on the south side.

Currently (as of 6.2023) there is not a single legal parking space (anymore) at the end of the road in Val Ferret, even if there are often several pick-up vehicles from tour operators at the bus turnaround loop.

There is a small enclosure on the south side of the road about 1 km beforehand, where parking is at least not explicitly prohibited.

Valley bus from Courmayeur or taxi

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