Alpine garden La Linnaea


The village of Bourg-Saint-Pierre enjoys a privileged location that is enhanced by the elegance of the site. The gardens, located on the site of the former Château de Quart, cover 4 slopes and a summit plateau, offering breathtaking views over the village.

Bourg Saint Pierre is an ideal location for a botanical garden thanks to its spectacular natural setting. The mountain climate and the wide variety of local plants offer a rich and unique variety of botanical plants, as well as a variety of natural features that are perfect for hosting and displaying a variety of plants.

Finally, Bourg Saint Pierre is a popular tourist destination, making it the ideal location for a botanical garden.

Good to know💡

The poorer the soil, the more diverse and varied the flora and fauna. In fact, poor soil is not conducive to the growth of plant and animal species, which is why the herbaceous carpet that covers it is sparse. However, this scarcity of plants and animals is a great advantage, as it allows a greater variety of flora and fauna to flourish. Poor soils are therefore the source of remarkable biodiversity and a natural wealth that must be preserved.


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