Pimprenelle and Léo all over Switzerland


Pimprenelle and Léo are two adorable young Saint Bernards. They are twins who love to play and squabble. One summer, while on holiday with their grandparents, a strange phenomenon leads them on an incredible adventure. Thrust into the four corners of Switzerland, in different eras, the puppies are subjected to all sorts of trials and enigmas. When the going gets tough, a mysterious stranger gives them a helping hand… But nothing can be taken for granted, and the twins will have to deploy some astonishing skills to come to the end of this escape game, which is unexpected to say the least…

CHF 25.00

With humour and fantasy, Pamela Hunziker and Lorem delight young readers with this playful look at the history of Switzerland.

Pamela Hunziker, born in 1966, is of Canadian and Swiss origin.
She was an interior decorator and cultural mediator at the Swiss National Museum, hence her interest in heritage. She even paints poyas. Le Castor Bleu” was launched in 2007, and Joe the Beaver’s crafts and stories have delighted children all over Switzerland and beyond.

Lorem has been marvelling at the beauty of the world for 67 years. Dreamy but pragmatic, she used to be an architect and cultural mediator.
Learning, imagining and creating are her driving forces. Her wish is to share and pass on!


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