Bondinette au Pays du St-Bernard


Bondinette au Pays du St-Bernard takes curious youngsters aged 6 to 10 (accompanied by an older child or on their own) and their friends and family to the farthest reaches of the Swiss Alps: the Pays du St-Bernard.

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Its creator and author, Raphaële Sagne, offers a concept that is both imaginative and educational through the birth of a new heroine: Bondinette, the mischievous frog from Perez!

Immediate boarding on the back of a European owl. Mamie Gribouille, Bondinette’s grandmother, has caught the cold disease! To save her, there’s only one solution: Bondinette must find Ursula, an old aunt reputed to hold the secrets of plants and cure the sick.

The 128-page book contains A story, ‘bondinement’, illustrated by Pauline Chardonnet, with a poetic style and a touch of humour, followed by ‘Bondinette’s docu’: 78 pages of information, challenges and quizzes about this magnificent region, 13 emblematic animals mentioned in the story and Alpine flora.
The result of a great deal of research, this book also sheds light on village traditions.

The author went to meet Ferdinand Lattion, a native of Valais with a heart for the region, who takes readers through the history of the transhumance of the Hérens cows.

Are you ready to leap into this exciting adventure?


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