Great St. Bernard Hospice museum


Visit the Grand-Saint-Bernard Hospice Museum with access to the breeding establishment of the famous dogs in the place from which they originate, today entrusted to the Fondation Barry.

Established in the attic of the hotel opposite the hospice, the museum displays the surrounding natural environment: mineralogy, fauna, flora, climate … and retrace the particular prehistory and history of this route through objects given or abandoned by passers-through: weapons from the bronze age, Gallic coins, plaques, votive statuettes and Roman money found at the location of successive religious places of worship.

One of the building blocks of the museum is a bronze statue of Jupiter with silver eyes, found in the temple on top of the pass that is dedicated to this god and built under the Emperor Claude, around 50 AD. It was found during excavations on the Grand-Saint-Bernard pass at the end of the 19th century.

It tells the story of the founding of the Hospice and its development over the centuries, the work accomplished by Saint Bernard de Menthon and the religious community of the regular Saint Augustine monks with admirable longevity and loyalty.

Opening hours

Every day from mid-June to September, from 10 am to 6 pm


Adults : CHF 12.00

Seniors : CHF 10.00

Children : CHF 7.00

Included in the PASS Saint-Bernard



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