Au Bivouac Napoléon hôtel & spa


Au Bivouac de Napoléon is a 3-star family hotel, motel and restaurant in Bourg-St-Pierre, only 20 minutes from the Great St. Bernard Pass with its famous hospice, and 30 minutes from Martigny and Aosta.

The hotel also features a store and a gas station. You can choose between comfortable hotel rooms, simpler motel rooms and chalets with shared bathrooms.

Located near the ski areas of Vichères (10 minutes by car), Champe-Lac, La Fouly or Verbier (25 minutes away), the small mountain village of Bourg-St-Pierre is a paradise for hiking and mountain biking in summer.

Au Bivouac de Napoléon was built at the site of Napoleon’s camp, which was erected in 1800 by the French army on their way to the Battle of Marengo.


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