The Great Saint Bernard yesterday and today


A thousand years of hospitality in the service of friendship between men.
A place of humanity and spirituality, the hospice is an open door to all who pass by.

CHF 9.90

This DVD contains four short films:

A presence on the road of men (14′)
You discover the hospice through the faces you meet. Whether they are a guest for a day, a pilgrim or a member of the household, each one shares with you a spark of the spirit that prevails there today.

The intuition of Saint-Bernard (4′)
This film lets the images speak to the rhythm of the seasons to evoke the intuition of the founder of the hospice.

The Great Saint Bernard (30′)
An unpublished archive, this report from between the two wars plunges you into the atmosphere of the time, from winter to summer, by following the daily life of the canons and their famous dogs.

Thematic videos (14′)
A selection of eight thematic videos from the Hospice Museum’s interactive terminal.

Languages and subtitles: FR / DE / EN / IT. Film translated into French sign language