Guide Via Francigena Canterbury – Grand-Saint-Bernard


Follow in the footsteps of Sigeric, bishop of Canterbury, who, in the year 990, returned from Rome after a long pilgrimage, with the title of archbishop granted by the pope. This guide traces the first part of the journey, from north to south, from Canterbury to the Great St. Bernard Pass; a journey of 52 stages from England to the Italian-Swiss border, crossing all of northern France.

CHF 29.00

From the English Channel to the vast plains of France, through the Jura and Alpine passes, through the famous cities of Calais, Reims, Besançon, Romainmôtier, Lausanne or Saint-Maurice, let yourself be carried away by a thousand years of history through hikes of 25 kilometers on average. A cultural and spiritual adventure to be realized in one or more years, an adventure for sure.

The Via Francigena is being rediscovered; it is being defended and promoted by the regions it crosses. Preserved and less traveled than other already popular itineraries, it offers beautiful landscapes, rapidly developing reception areas and is a wonderful experience to live.

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