La Combine Commeire


The energetic treatments that I propose are practiced in the subtle bodies of the person, that is to say in the spaces located around the physical body.

Man is energy and it is by working with energies, thoughts and especially with the intention that the therapist manages to rebalance a blocked or “clogged” energy system.

To increase and refine my treatments I use different means, all of which involve energy.

I thus propose an approach of care supported by chromotherapy: therapy by the color, more precisely by the frequency of the colors.

The massage of the five continents

Treatment combining the energy of Reiki and / or magnetism bringing together different types of massages of various cultures and origins. (lomi lomi, Californian, Swedish, tuina, acupressure, ayurvedic.)

A Bemer equipment for pulsed magnetic field therapy to boost microcirculation (medically recognized therapy).

Magnetism and energetic treatments are essential complements to a good revival of energies.

Music, stones, essential oils …. help you to enter a modified state of consciousness (hypnosis) to allow you to receive this moment of care in a pleasant relaxation in order to get back in touch with your deep essence.

You have an acute or chronic physical problem…pain, tension…

You have a deeper problem…anxiety, fear, anger…

You simply want to offer yourself a moment of well-being…

Give your body the opportunity to clean itself and to be filled with new energy.

I propose you a pleasant discovery of this marvellous world which surrounds us and I accompany you in an awareness of the all power of Energy.

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