Rando-parc “Vichères Movement tracks”: Dranse – Vouardette


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A demanding climb from the valley bottom to the Bavon ridge!

From the hamlet of Dranse, you will pass at the entrance to the Combe de l’A before joining the blue course n°1 and then the red course n°2.


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Author\s note

Take advantage of the “Bar des Neiges” to have a bite to eat before going back down!


From Dranse, go up through the meadows to reach the forest at the place called Tommelley before passing by the entrance to the Combe de l’A.

Then come back north to join the blue course and then west to join the red course. Follow it south to La Chaux before crossing the ski area north to the snow bar.

Getting there

Leave the highway at Martigny.

Follow the direction Grand-Saint-Bernard until Liddes.

Turn right after the tourist office to go down to Dranse.

Free parking next to the soccer field

Take the train to Orsières and then the bus to Dranse.

Consult the timetables on www.cff.ch


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