Great St. Bernard Hospice


Mythical refuge in the heart of the Swiss Alps

Summer and winter alike, the Hospice du Grand-Saint-Bernard offers its legendary hospitality in the center of the magnificent mountain range of the Swiss Alps. Discover one of the most famous monuments of the Saint Bernard Country during your family stay in the canton of Valais.

Almost 1000 years of hospitality at the top of the Great St. Bernard Pass

The Hospice du Grand-Saint-Bernard was founded in 1050 by Saint-Bernard of Aosta in order to accommodate and rescue travelers over the Grand-Saint-Bernard Pass. Since then, the Hospice has maintained an uninterrupted welcome until today. At present, 4 canons and an oblate reside in this place full of history.

Former breeding ground for Saint Bernard dogs

Since the 17th century, the Saint-Bernard dogs were bred by the monks of the Hospice du Grand-Saint-Bernard to help travelers caught in snowstorms. The breeding of these famous avalanche dogs with their savior instinct is now entrusted to the Barry Foundation since 2005. However, the St. Bernard dogs still spend their summers at the pass. It is possible to visit them and to walk them during mountain walks with a guide.

Accommodation and meals at the Auberge de l’Hospice

The doors of the Hospice du Grand-Saint-Bernard are always open to you: the canons welcome hikers, pilgrims and passing guests in summer and winter, offering accommodation and communal meals. In July and August, the capacity of reception increases thanks to the Auberge de l’Hospice. Don’t hesitate to stop and stay there during a ski trip or during your summer vacations in the Swiss Alps. Don’t miss the extraordinary baroque church and the treasure of sacred objects belonging to the congregation.

Opening hours

All year round

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