Combe de l’A nature reserve


On land belonging to Liddes municipality, the Combe de l´A nature reserve provides an immense, intimate space in the heart of the Grand-St-Bernard region.

In addition to exceptional flora and fauna, this Alpine paradise, nestled between altitudes ranging from 1’400 and 3’000m offer the passionate walker and thoughtful tourist an atmosphere in which nature takes over as a way of life and an incredible variety of Alpine biotopes, staggered at different altitudes, enable the development and survival of many animal species. The Combe de l´A is a hideaway for big game such as the stag deer, the chamois deer, the mountain goat and the ibex in addition to smaller mammals such as foxes, badgers and marmots. In the sky, the Royal Eagle, the hawk and the raven live in perfect peace.

A path enables walkers to walk around without disturbing the surrounding wildlife while enjoying the privilege of seeing them evolve freely. All along the route, educational boards supply considerable information on the geological and botanical particularities of the region.

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