Artilery fort of Commeire


The artillery fort Commeire (A 27) was designed by the mountain brigade 10.

It is composed of 4 positions for 7.5 cm guns (range of fire from 6.5 km to 11.5 km), 3 observation/infantry positions, a cavern for the machines (engines, generators and filters), a cavern for the ammunition, 4 housing caverns (dormitories, kitchens, refectories…) and a water tank. The circulation between the different caverns is done by a central corridor. Construction began in August 1940 and was completed in September 1943. Originally, it was armed with 4 Krup 7.5 cm field guns dating from 1903. In the casemate of gun 2, one can still find the floor covering the location of the bores. The fortress guns were not installed until May 1944. Many works such as camouflage were completed after World War II (1947), installation of air filters, safety measures in the ammunition depots (1950), construction and installation of nuclear safety measures (1957), the battlements were camouflaged either in rocks or in cottages (painted concrete and wood). In case of war, the fort of Commeire could shelter about 140 men.

The Commeire fort was disarmed in the early 1970s, but continued to be used as a mountain shelter.


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