TASTE AND FLAVORS: Our cooking with essential oils

Aromatic plants and spices have been used for thousands of years, both for their gustatory and curative qualities.

I have deliberately chosen to work with essential oils, essences and hydralates as aromas in the kitchen to create a very special gastronomy that opens up an infinite olfactory universe.

The essential oil (or essence) is a concentrate of information, it takes such a quantity of plants or zests to collect this liquid that it is very precious from all points of view. In the context of food, they represent a natural alternative to the search for food flavors.


THE AUTHENTICITY: The “home-made” one

Our cuisine seeks originality in flavors.

We propose, as much as possible, dishes that are elaborated in our kitchen avoiding the products of the food industry.

The flavors are subtle and can vary from time to time.


THE CHANGE: We pay particular attention to the regular variation of our menu. At least 4 times a year, the menu is completely remodeled…some unavoidable items remain but we try to bring different flavors each time.

our page “suggestions of the moment & new flavors” is renewed every 10 days or so. on this page, we bring fresh products of a superior quality…Obviously the quality has a price that we have to postpone to a lesser extent, but you are sure to taste products of 1st quality


THE KITCHEN: Dishes and reasonable prices

At our place you will find “forgotten” dishes. No fast food, but simmered dishes and often abandoned by the cooks because long in elboration.

Come and enjoy a real blanquette, an osso bucco cooked the old fashioned way or a melting ox tongue…

A fine cuisine at reasonable prices!

Discover :

– our menu

– our “home burger” menu

– our wine list

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