Reservations Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the legal relationship between holiday participants and the reservation centre based in Pays du St-Bernard, hereinafter referred to as the centre.

1. Conclusion of the contract and services

The contract between the client and the centre is concluded once the reservation has been accepted. The conditions herein apply to all participants on the holiday.

Services correspond to the description of the services in the prospectus or on the Internet and at the time of confirmation. The number of people stipulated in the contract must be respected at all times. Should this not be the case, the contract may be cancelled without compensation.

2. Costs and extras

The prices stipulated in Swiss francs in the contract are binding. In certain cases, extras mentioned are indicative and may be subject to minimal modifications.

In the event of an introduction of or increase in taxes, costs, tourist tax or transport costs, prices may be modified up to three weeks prior to the beginning of the stay.

3. Payment/Cancellation

The payment of the booking and eventually its cancellation are set by the service provider's conditions where the booking was made. The centre does not debit your credit card.

4. Cancellation insurance

Pays du St-Bernard strongly advises its guests to take out an insurance policy covering cancellation costs in the event of illness, accident, death or other. The overall conditions of the contract providing cover for the financial consequences of cancellation are determinant.

5. Late arrival, early departure

The client is responsible for his arrival. No reimbursement will be granted in the event of a late arrival due to private and public traffic congestion or for personal reasons. In the event of an early departure, the entire sum owed will be due.

6. Modifications by the centre

Prior to the conclusion of the contract, proposed services and prices may be subject to change. Following the conclusion of the contract, in the event of unforeseen and inevitable circumstances, Pays du St-Bernard may modify services and suggest a replacement before and during the stay. In the event of acts of god, natural disasters or other reasons making it impossible to carry out the contract or placing carrying out of the contract at risk, Pays du St-Bernard may cancel the contract against reimbursement of services that have not been supplied (no claims will be entered into).

7. Complaints

If defects are found upon occupation of the premises, appear subsequently, or should lessees inflict damage or have another cause for complaint, the centre must be informed immediately and will not be held responsible in any event. Should the client wish to apply for a price reduction for such damages, complaints must be sent in writing within 10 days after the end of the legal stay. Failing immediate filing of complaints regarding flaws or imperfections during the stay or in the event of a complaint after the proscribed deadline has lapsed, all rights are prescribed.

8. Responsibility of the centre

The centre will only be held responsible in the event of applicable laws or conventions which limit or exclude responsibility.

In particular, the centre takes no responsibility for damage caused by the client, his companions or third parties. In the event of acts of god, natural disasters or considerable problems preventing us from pursuing our representational activities, we reserve the right to cancel the contract without any compensation. Should other reasons independent of our will prevent the service from being delivered we reserve the right to transfer guests to alternative accommodation or, in urgent cases, to cancel the contract. In this event, amounts paid will be reimbursed to guests who must in this event agree that no claims will be entered into.

No responsibility will be taken for valuable objects such as valuables, jewellery, cash, cheques, credit cards, furs, cameras and video cameras, telecommunication equipment, etc.

Legal provisions apply for extra-contractual liability unless these terms and conditions of reservation provide for other limitations or exclusions of responsibility.

9. Clients’ responsibility

Clients are responsible for taking care of the rental property. Clients are responsible for damages caused by themselves or their companions. The centre is entitled to claim for these damages even after the property has been vacated.

In case of doubt on the interpretation of the present general conditions, the French version will prevail over the English version.

For all other points, the law of Switzerland applies.

Sole place of jurisdiction: Orsières (Valais/Switzerland)

Orsières, juin 2014