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  • A walk with the St Bernard dogs.

  • A snowshoes walk in La Fouly.

  • Back country skiing in Vichères-Liddes.

  • The Grand-St-Bernard hospice and pass in winter.

  • The Pays du St-Bernard, the Alps in a pure state.

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  • The Pays

    The Pays du St-Bernard is famous for its pass, its hospice and its St-Bernard dogs. Discover our family ski resorts.

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  • Sport

    Sports fans? Enjoy the authentic nature in Pays du St-Bernard: downhill skiing, back country skiing, freeride, snow shoes,…

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  • Family

    Enjoy a nature holiday at low prices with your family. Children will learn to ski in Pays du St-Bernard on

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  • Gastronomy

    Taste the culinary delights and local products of Valais with their rich flavors: Raclette AOC, rye bread, wines,…

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  • Culture

    Discover the old heritage of a rural and nature region visiting museums or exploring the traditional architecture.

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  • Nature

    Be amazed by the beautiful scenery of the Valais Alps in winter. The Pays du St-Bernard, the Alps in a

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