Valais Alps

CHF 30.00

For the first time, a book presents the Valaisan Alps in their entirety, combining the talents of the young photographer Stéphane Maire and the Valaisan writer Jacques Darbellay. 150 photographs, divided into nine major regions, give a breathtakingly beautiful panorama of these Alpine landscapes, some of which, such as the Matterhorn, are known throughout the world, while others are evocative only to an initiated public.

Stéphane Maire, who has climbed many summits, often alone, also provides us with some unexpected images: night shots, with very long exposures, transform familiar landscapes into sumptuous and sometimes vaguely disturbing sceneries. The photos are accompanied by texts and captions of great sensitivity, due to the pen of an author who has lived all his life among these peaks; he shares here, with his younger brother, a passion full of deference for the mountain and nature.

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