The pictures used to make the website of the destination Au Pays du St-Bernard come from different sources which remain the owners of them

Any copy, total or partial, cannot be done without the owners' agreement.

The authors of the different pictures are:

Amateur photographers

Pierre-Yves Délèze

Dominique Fumeaux

Alain Darbellay

Stéphane Michellod

Dimitri Vernay

Gabriel Farine

Cyril Gros

Anne-Valérie Liand

Marie-Thérèse Vernay

Gaëtan Tornay

Marc Dechêne

Jean-Paul Theurillat

Caroline Darbellay

Alphonse Darbellay

Estelle Michellod

Jean-Marc Imhof

Louis Tornay

Miguelle Darbellay

Joachim Rausis

Pierre Pouget

Grégory Rausis

Georges Darbellay

Iris Kürschner

Anja Ebener