Elite and popular running race from Reppaz to Grenier de Moay

Distance: 5,800 meters

Departure: Reppaz, alt. 1150m

Arrival: Grenier de Moay, alt. 2005m

Highest point: Le Mâ Pa, alt. 2165m

Elevation differences: 1015 D+ and 160 D-

Course description

Part 1

A little over 3 km for 930 m of elevation gain. Most of the climb is between Reppaz and the Alpage des Planards cabin. The route follows the “Vie” route, a sort of path used in the past to bring down hay from mountain pastures and mayens using the “Tzargosse”. The average slope can be described as extreme since it exceeds 30%.

Part 2

The end of the route is much easier, 2.3 km for 85 m of positive elevation and 160 m of negative elevation. The final route takes the path which connects the Planards mountain pastures to Moay, under Six-Blanc. The landscape is splendid and the view magnificent. The route ends with the descent to the Grenier de Moay, property of the Ski-Club Reppaz / Grand-St-Bernard organizer.

Registration fees including meal and souvenir prize

Adults: Fr. 30.-

Young people up to 19 years old: Fr. 20.-

Increase of 5.- for on-site registrations.


Saturday 30 September 2023


Mountain Course

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