Rhodeambulation” show

Take Rhododendron's hand and follow her on her journey to the top. When what you've always known is no longer an option, do you have to learn to walk? Can we help each other, or do we have to get there first?

The fruit of a research and creation residency at La Grange, Rhododeambulation is the result of a meeting between Ludmilla Reuse, author and director, and Christophe Randin, biogeographer and director of the Jardin botanique alpin Flore-Alpe in Champex-Lac. From their discussions came the desire to create a trans-disciplinary performance that would sensitively convey the complexity of climate issues as they are encountered up there on our Alpine peaks.

By Ludmilla Reuse and Mounir Benchara

See you on Saturday September 9 and Sunday September 10 at 5.30pm at the Flore-Alpe botanical garden.

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Artistic performance

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