Photographic exhibition “The way of the guides”

In 2023, the Great St. Bernard Hospice will celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the

proclamation by Pope Pius XI of Saint Bernard of Mont-Joux as patron saint of “the inhabitants and

and travelers of the Alps, as well as those who practice climbing their


In view of this celebration, the Hospice Museum is organizing an exhibition that honors

honor the profession of mountain guide, presenting those who, today,

who, today, through their activity, maintain a fruitful link with the hospices of the Great Saint Bernard

and the Simplon.

This exhibition will present the portraits of eighteen mountain guides, taken by the

photographer Andrea Alborno. Short videos will also allow the public to hear the testimony of each guide

to hear the testimony of each guide on one aspect or another of his experience.

In honouring the profession of guide, this exhibition sheds light on one of the cardinal values of the Bernese vocation.

values of the Bernardine vocation, the spirituality of the mountain, with its challenges such as

commitment, sharing and transmission.

Come and join us for the opening of the exhibition on Sunday, June 18.


Saturday 10 June to Sunday 8 October 2023


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