Departure from the Bourg-Saint-Bernard car park

First go on the summer road, in front of the first and then the second chimney of the tunnel. Then continue into the Combe des Morts slightly to the right. Do not take the Combe de Barasson on the left or continue on the road on the right. The hospice and the pass are located at the top of this Combe.

Remove the skins and go down the road on the Italian side to the place called "Baou" where the skins must be put back. Pass to the right of the chalet and climb the small valley to the northwest to reach a hilly plateau around 2540 meters.
Take to the west to reach the foot of Mont Fourchon. Walk the last few meters.

Mont Fourchon

  • Duration: hh:mm
  • Distance: xx meters
  • Period: from Month to Month
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Difference level: +mmmm, -mmmm
  • Minimum altitude: mmmm meters
  • Maximum altitude: mmmm meters
  • Starting point: coordonnées
  • Starting altitude: mmmm meters
  • Endpoint: coordonnées
  • Arrival altitude: mmmm meters