Departure from the hamlet of Granges after La Fouly

Cross the Dranse and then the Merdenson stream. Climb into the sparse forest to reach the vernes on the ridge. Go up and zigzag to reach the top of the Dotze. From there continue westward in ascending slopes to reach the Tête de Ferret
Go down due north then on easy slopes without reaching the combe des Fonds. Pass through the Cretté de la Perche, continue north and then turn right to go down to La Léchère and cross the Dranse again.

Dotse - Tête de Ferret

  • Duration: About 6 hours (round trip)
  • Distance: 11.1 km
  • Period: From December to April
  • Difficulty: challenging
  • Difference level: + 1114 meters
  • Minimum altitude: 1646 meters
  • Maximum altitude: 2676 meters
  • Starting point: 45.922549 / 7.100474
  • Starting altitude: 1646 meters
  • Endpoint: 45.922549 / 7.100474
  • Arrival altitude: 1646 meters