This 32km route leaves from Liddes (1’340m). It starts with a downhill towards the Toules Dam compensation basin. From Palazui, take the right bank of the Dranse d’Entremont to go up as far as Bourg-St-Pierre (1’630m). After crossing the St-Charles Bridge, named after the Emperor Charlemagne, continue up to the Alpage de la Niord, the highest point of the route (1’725m). Back to Palazuit where you will reach a second climb towards Roc-Cornet (1’465m), and subsequently get to Vichères, an ancestral village. After going back down to les Moulins, you will reach the route’s final uphill to Clou. A great downhill takes you back to Liddes.

Mountain bike, Liddes/La Pecca Bike

  • Duration: 3:45
  • Distance: 31 km
  • Period: From June to October
  • Difficulty: challenging
  • Difference level: +1278, -1278 metres
  • Minimum altitude: 1145 metres
  • Maximum altitude: 1755 metres
  • Starting point: 7.18361/45.99343
  • Starting altitude: 1318 metres
  • Endpoint: 7.18361/45.99343
  • Arrival altitude: 1318 metres